Posted by: Laura Paul | July 22, 2011

Links of Interest

Here is a good summary of the history of the Lord’s Resistance Army in central Africa. The LRA got its start in Northern Uganda, and something like 100,000 people were abducted and/or slaughtered by these rebels and their recruited (enslaved) child soldiers in Uganda alone. The LRA was finally chased out of this area in 2008, but is still operating in the DRC and Southern Sudan. For more statistics about the LRA’s impact, click here.

Here is a link to a page featuring more links to several Ugandan newspapers.

Here is information about one of the Comboni Missionaries projects – an artists’ fair trade co-operative called Good Samaritans which supports HIV/AIDS patients in the community. The Comboni Mission, based in Cincinnati, supports many Catholic relief projects here. There are many, many sources of foreign aid here, NGO and government sponsored. The UN World Food Program and UNICEF are here also.

Here is a link to a website for Lacor Hospital.

If you’re planning a tour of Uganda and you’d like it to be a tad fancy, check this out.

Here is a great place to visit: Murchison Falls National Park

If you like your Uganda information presented more covertly.

If you like to read about Uganda with a British flair.

If you’d just like to pretend that the last 100 years never happened.

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